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The Conder Café is a new discussion group that is dedicated to collectors and enthusiasts of the 18th c provincial token series. It is not a marketplace, but a forum for the free exchange of information and ideas.

Topics include new discoveries, D&H edits, discussions about die states and sequencing, deciphering early tickets, counterstamps, errors and oddities, and ongoing research projects.

It is a diverse community and there truly is something for everyone. The only guide is that posts stay on-topic and are related in some way to 18th c provincial tokens - which makes us the only group solely dedicated to the series.

Membership is free but administrative approval is required. So - if you are interested, here's the link to the group:

If you are not currently on Facebook, joining is quick and easy - and here's the link for that:

Should you run into any issues regarding access, or need help signing up - or have any questions, concerns, or commentary whatsoever - please contact either Gary Groll at or Gregg Silvis at


Conder Café Rules

updated 01.27.2021


  1. Membership must be through a personal account. No business or institutional membership allowed; no promotion of businesses, institutions or organizations allowed without prior administrative approval.
  2. Post Topics. Posts must relate to the 18th c provincial token series.
  3. This is a Forum and not a Marketplace, Part I. No discussion is permitted about items for sale, at auction, sold, traded, acquired, bid on, won, not won, seen in dealers’ trays, missed out on, wished to acquire in any form or format.
  4. This is a Forum and not a Marketplace, Part II. No posts are permitted about cost, values, or valuation of a specific item. Please do not mention where you acquired something, who you acquired it from, or sold to, without prior approval.
  5. This is a Forum and not a Marketplace, Part III. Exceptions are allowed when citing provenance and prices realized when in the public record. For example: "Ex. DNW Auction 27 August 2020, Lot 123" is fine. Saying "I just won this lot" is not.
  6. Comments on grading, condition, and value. Conversations about the concept of condition and grading are welcome, as are those about what may constitute value, in general. However, please do not ask about the grade or value of a specific item.
  7. A Sense of Decorum. Please keep conversations civil. Personal narratives, opinions, communications, or content unrelated to the group, should be kept private.
  8. Respect Everyone's Privacy. Please don't use someone's name in a post unless you are addressing them directly, or referencing content in the public domain.
  9. Image and Content Copyright. Please refrain from copying, or reproducing, images or content presented in this forum, without the author's, owner's, or copyright holder's prior permission.
  10. No Videos, Extensions, or External Links. Please be careful when posting. Some types of files carry embedded links. GIFS or Graphics Interchange Format are a type of external link and thus are not allowed either. Sorry.