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William Lutwyche, Chelsea Copper Halfpenny, 1795 (D&H Middlesex 277)

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William Lutwyche, Chelsea Copper Halfpenny, 1795 Obv A sailor with a wooden leg presenting a petition to Britannia. CHELSEA above. Ex: HALFPENNY   Rev A figure of Hope leaning upon an anchor. Around the perimeter THE SUPPORT OF OUR ENDEAVOUR. Ex: 1795   Edge Milled  (Conder p.83, 119; Pye p.13, 12; Virt p.73; Atkins p. 84, 151; D&H Middlesex 277)

Choice uncirculated with faded color both sides. Scarce.

William Lutwyche, (1754-1801), toymaker, later token manufacturer, Temple Row and St Philip churchyard. Lutwyche was active in the production of tokens from 1791 until 1801 and seems to have had more individual commissions for than any other manufacturer. His output of more than 65 tons of "legitimate provincial coins" was exceeded only by that of Thomas Williams, the consortium of Westwood and Hancock, and that of Matthew Boulton. He frequently combined dies then in his possession to produce various mules, concocted numerous specious issues, and has been attributed with manufacturing the bulk of evasions and lightweight coppers that appeared toward the end of the 18th century.