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Thomas Sharp, Copper Halfpenny, 1797 (D&H Warwickshire 312)

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Thomas Sharp, Copper Halfpenny, 1797 Obv A female seated, leaning upon a sword, and holding a shield. Around the perimeter CIVITAS COVENTRIAE. In Ex MDCCXCVII The spire of the church to right passes through the N of COVENTRY Rev A view of houses and an inn. In Ex MEMORIAE GODIVAE. The windows filled in and a figure can be seen leaning out of the upper left window of the middle building. Edge COVENTRY HALFPENNY PAYABLE BY THOMAS SHARP In raised letters (Conder p.168, 73; Pye p.15, 6; Atkins p. 226, 236; D&H Warwickshire 312)

Sharply struck, choice uncirculated and very rare.

Thomas Sharp, (1770-1841) numismatist, antiquary and hatter in Coventry. Authored Chetwynd's catalogue on provincial copper coins in 1834.