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Leek Commercial Halfpenny, 1793 (D&H Staffordshire 13a)

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Leek Commercial Halfpenny, 1793 Obv A caduceus leaning upon a large bale of goods. Around the perimeter LEEK COMMERCIAL HALFPENNY 1793 The top of the caduceus points to the first limb of the R of COMMERCIAL; the bottom of the caduceus points to the 3 of the date. Square 1, small 3 in date. Rev Two hands united, in front of an olive branch. Around the perimeter ARTE FAVENTE NIL DESPERANDUM Small letters in inscription. The top innermost leaves on the olive branch point to the center of the N and just to the right of the base of the I of NIL. Edge Milled on a large flan (Atkins p. 182, 10a; D&H Staffordshire 13a)

Struck on a large flan. Gem, lustrous uncirculated and very rare.