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William Lutwyche, Copper Halfpenny, 1794 (Staffordshire 17)

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William Lutwyche, Copper Halfpenny, 1794, obv Two hands united, in front of an olive branch. Around the perimeter ARTE FAVENTE NIL DESPERANDUM Small letters in inscription. The top innermost leaves on the olive branch point to the center of the N and just to the right of the base of the I of NIL, rev A figure of Justice standing. Around the perimeter FOR CHANGE NOT FRAUD. Ex: 1794, edge milled (Conder p.224, 119; Atkins p. 182, 14; D&H Staffordshire 17)

Choice, faded red and brown uncirculated.

William Lutwyche, (1754-1801), toymaker, later token manufacturer, Temple Row and St Philip churchyard.