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Thomas Prattent, copper penny, 1796 (D&H Surrey 1)

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Thomas Prattent, copper penny, 1796 Obv A man standing, smoking a pipe, and holding a mug and a keg. Around the perimeter AUGT. 24.96. SR. GEORGE COOK . MAYOR OF GARRAT  . ELECD.  Rev An inscription on seven lines SR. G. COOK FRUITERER GREEN-GROCER & OYSTER MERCHANT STANGATE LAMBETH. With a bunch of turnips at the top, a cabbage at the bottom, and a bunch of radishes on either side.  Edge ON DEMAND WE PROMISE TO PAY ONE PENNY  (Conder p.147, 4; Virt p.130; Atkins p. 192, 4; D&H Surrey 1)

Struck from halfpenny dies over a penny token of Mary Lambe of Bath (D&H Somersetshire 8)

Essentially as made and very rare.

Thomas Prattent, artist, engraver, coin dealer, and along with Matthew Denton, co-author of the Virtuoso's Companion and Coin Collector's Guide. His place of business was 46, Cloth Fair, West Smithfield.

Ex. Col. W. Cutting Collection, Part I, Lyman Low Auction (New York), 23-4 May 1898, lot 510; T.A. Jan Collection, Part II, Spink Auction 35, 11 April 1984, lot 69; M.Z. Gerson Collection; J.A. Bobbe Collection [from M.Z.G. September 1985]; bt J.A. Bobbe May 1998; DNW 5 October 2011, lot 392