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Thomas & Alexander Hutchison, Commercial Halfpenny, 1790 (D&H Lothian 28)

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Thomas & Alexander Hutchison, Commercial Halfpenny, 1790 Obv A figure of St. Andrew with his cross, between thistles. Around the perimeter NEMO ME IMPUNE LACESSIT. In Ex: 1790 The top right hand corner of the cross points to the second limb of the A of LACESSIT; the top leaf of the right hand thistle points just below the period. 1 of the date under the toe of the right foot; 7 under the heel of the right foot; 9 just to the right of the left foot; 0 to the corner of the base of the cross. Rev The arms of Edinburgh upon a shield, between thistles, crest an anchor. Around the perimeter EDINBURGH HALFPENNY. Period after HALFPENNY. No bands on the anchor stock. Top leaf on the right hand thistle points just above the foot of the Y of HALFPENNY. Top leaf on the left hand thistle points to the first limb of the E of EDINBURGH. Edge PAYABLE AT THE WAREHOUSE OF THOS. & ALEXR. HUTCHISON  (Atkins p. 312, 20; D&H Lothian 28)

A bit of old lacquer, otherwise choice faded red and brown uncirculated. 

Hutchison (T & A), Thomas Hutchison (1744-1812) and his brother, Alexander (1743-1823) merchants, Edinburgh.

Ex. A H Baldwin