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Skidmore & Son, End of Pain, Copper Farthing Mule (D&H Anglesey 459)

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Skidmore & Son, End of Pain, Copper Farthing Mule Obv A Druid's head facing left within an oak wreath.  Rev A man hanging on a gibbet, and a distant view of a church. Around the perimeter END OF PAIN  Edge plain  (Conder p.307, 440; Atkins p. 287, 259; D&H Anglesey 459)

Choice uncirculated with a bit of faded color remaining. Rare

Skidmore & Son, Founded by John Skidmore (1748-1823) and later joined by his second son, Paul (b. 1775) in 1795 or 1796. They carried on an iron-foundry and held the appointment of stovegrate maker to His Majesty's Board of Ordance.  The company produced numerous tokens, ultimately responsible for more than a quarter of all the token varieties produced in the late 18th century, including those issued by Matthew Denton, Thomas Prattent, and Thomas Spence.