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Peter Kempson, Copper Halfpenny Mule, 1795 (D&H Lanarkshire 6a)

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Peter Kempson, Copper Halfpenny Mule, 1795 obv The arms of Glasgow upon a shield. Around the perimeter LET GLASGOW FLOURISH The center line of the shield aligns with the foot of the I of FLOURISH; rev A figure of Britannia seated. Around the perimeter RULE BRITANNIA, 1795 below; edge milled (Conder 62; 4, , Atkins 306; 6a, D&H Lanarkshire 6a)

Near gem red and brown uncirculated.

Peter Kempson, (1755-1824), buttonmaker, later token manufacturer, St. Mary's Row, Birmingham, later Little Charles Street. Kempson was actively involved in the production of tokens from 1791 until 1799, turning out more than 60 tons of "legitimate provincial coins" for various commissions. Kempson also freely muled dies in his possession, and produced a variety of tokens for sale to collectors.