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John Matthews, Copper Halfpenny, 1794 (D&H Kent 6)

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John Matthews, Copper Halfpenny, 1794, obv A side view of Canterbury Cathedral. Around the perimeter UNITY PEACE AND CONCORD : GOOD WILL TO ALL MEN * Ex: CANTERBURY TOKEN, rev Shield of arms of the city of Canterbury dividing the date 17 94. Around the perimeter KING AND COUNTRY LAWS AND TRADE +, edge PAYABLE AT JOHN MATTHEWSS + + + +  (Conder p.48, 4; Pye p.13, 9; Virt p.66; Atkins p. 49, 5; D&H Kent 6)

Scattered light surface marks, otherwise choice uncirculated. 

John Mathews, (d. 1803), carpenter, Canterbury.