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John Holloway & Son, Copper Halfpenny, 1795 (D&H Somersetshire 86)

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John Holloway & Son, Copper Halfpenny, 1795 obv A view of a house. Around the perimeter I. HOLLOWAY AND SON DRAPERS &c. POST OFFICE Ex: 1794; rev A representation of a part of a castle and bridge. Around the perimeter B. WATER HALFPENNY . FOR CHANGE NOT FRAUD; edge ON DEMAND WE PROMISE TO PAY (Virt 31, Conder 136; 49, Pye 9; 9, Atkins 176; 74, D&H Somersetshire 86)

Gem, toned uncirculated.

Holloway & Son, John Holloway (d. 1810) and son, Benjamin Holloway (1772-1836) operated a tailor and drapery business. John Holloway was also the postmaster in Bridgwater, the office pictured on their token.