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James Sketchley, Masonic Halfpenny (D&H Middlesex 372i)

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James Sketchley, Masonic Halfpenny Obv The Freemasons' Arms and supporters, crest a bird upon a sphere. AMOR HONOR ET JUSTITIA on a ribbon below. Around the perimeter 24 NOV, 1790 PRINCE OF WALES ELECTED GM. + The bird's head under the O of OF; the supporters are not ribbed; comma after NOV; quatrefoil under the arms. Rev A cupid and Masonic emblems within a triangle. Around the three sides of the triangle, WISDOM STRENGTH & BEAUTY. Around the perimeter SIT LUX ET LUX FUIT .  Period after FUIT. Within the triangle, the rays are formed of lines of dots, and do not descend below the left robe of the cupid. Edge PAYABLE BY I:SIMMONS STAPLEHURST ++++++  (D&H Middlesex 372(i))

Gem uncirculated and exceptionally rare.

James Sketchley, (d. 1801), freemason, printer, publisher, and auctioneer, 61 High Street. Longman suggests that the tokens may have been distributed at the Black Horse, a tavern in Tower Hill, London, which was run by a brother Mason of Sketchley's.