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Charles Pye, Private Halfpenny 1797 (D&H Warwickshire 223)

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Charles Pye, Private Halfpenny 1797 Obv A cypher C. P., 1797 below. Around the perimeter on a raised rim BIRMINGHAM HALFPENNY FOR EXCHANGE  Rev A female seated pouring medals from a cornucopia. A beehive on a stand to right. Around the perimeter on a raised rim THE SUPPORT OF BRITAIN  Edge Plain in collar (Pye p.9, 2; Atkins p. 219, 165; D&H Warwickshire 223)

Essentially as made. A lovely example of Pye's personal token. Rare; only 36 struck.

Charles Pye, (1749-1830), engraver, author, publisher, and token collector. Published Provincial Copper Coins or Tokens, 1787-1796; and Provincial Copper Tokens, 1787-1801.