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Birmingham Mining & Copper Co., Copper Halfpenny, 1791 (D&H Warwickshire 82)

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Birmingham Mining & Copper Co., Copper Halfpenny, 1791, obv a female seated upon a rock holding a fasces. Around the perimeter BIRMINGHAM MINING AND COPPER COMPANY Ex: 1791 The point of the laurel wreath aligns with the center of the G of MINING. The right-hand corner of the fasces aligns with the first limb of the N of AND. No period after COMPANY; the upper right limb of the Y close to the foot, rev a stork upon a cornucopia. Around the perimeter HALFPENNY PAYABLE AT The head of the stork to the left of the center of the space between the Y of HALFPENNY and the P of PAYABLE; the trailing leg of the stork is at an angle; the beak of the stork under the foot of the Y. The tail of the cornucopia to the second limb of the A of PAYABLE; the two center leaves either side of the first limb of the H of HALFPENNY, edge BIRMINGHAM REDRUTH & SWANSEA (Atkins p. 210, 58; D&H Warwickshire 82)

Choice uncirculated with much original color.

Birmingham Mining & Copper Co.; James Yates, Chairman, later as a brassfounder and plater, Slaney Street, Birmingham.